What to do With Old Furniture

When homeowners start upgrading their furniture, they are usually left with old furniture that they don’t know what to do with. Instead of just throwing it out, there are many ways that they can repurpose it! A coat of paint or stain can go a long way in giving it a new look. They can also use the furniture as extra storage in their home. If they’re feeling creative, they can convert it into a new piece of furniture. And finally, don’t forget to donate it to a local charity or thrift store!

This blog post will go into more details on what to do with old furniture including the tips listed above. Keep reading for more tips!

1. Repurpose the Furniture

One of the best ways to repurpose old furniture is to give it a new coat of paint or stain. This can brighten up the look of the furniture and make it look new again! There are many different colors and finishes that homeowners can choose from, so they can find the perfect one for their needs. Online, there are many tutorials on how to repurpose old furniture so homeowners can save time and money!

Here are a few examples of furniture that have been given a new coat of paint or stain:

-A dresser can be repurposed into a bathroom vanity

-An old nightstand can become a side table

-An armoire can be turned into a entertainment center

-The possibilities are endless!

2. Give the Furniture to Family or Friends

If the item is still in useable condition, they could give it to family or friends who might need it. This will help save them time and money on buying new furniture for their home!

A good place to start is asking relatives who just moved in to a home or apartment of their own. They would surely appreciate the extra furniture!

Another option is to post a free ad online or in the local classifieds. There are many people who are looking for used furniture, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone who needs it.

Just make sure that the furniture is still in good condition and can be used by the person who is receiving it.

3. Use it as Extra Storage in the Home

Another option is to use the furniture as extra storage. This can be especially helpful in small homes where every bit of space counts. Homeowners can use the furniture to store clothes, blankets, toys, or any other items they need. They can also use furniture to create storage space under the bed or in other areas of the home.

Here are some examples of furniture that can be used for extra storage:

-A chest of drawers

-A desk with drawers

-An armoire

-A TV stand

4. Donate to a Local Charity or Thrift Store

Another option is to donate the furniture to a local charity or thrift store. This will ensure that it gets reused and doesn’t end up in a landfill. It could even help someone who has recently lost their home due to natural disasters such as flood, fire, hurricane etcetera so they have somewhere comfortable at night! Charities and thrift stores are always in need of furniture, so homeowners can feel good about their donation.

Here are some places that accept donations of furniture:

-Charity Thrift Stores

-Habitat for Humanity ReStore

-Salvation Army

-Goodwill Industries

Just make sure to call the charity or thrift store before going in with any furniture. This will ensure that they have a drop off location nearby and aren’t running low on space at their facility!

5. Call a Junk Removal Company

If the furniture is too large or in poor condition, it may be best to call a junk removal company. They can help homeowners get rid of their old furniture and other household items that are no longer useful for them. Junk removal companies also have access to recycling centers so they know how much space needs before bringing anything back into their warehouses!

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