Landscaping Tips for the Fall

Fall is a time of transition for many homeowners. The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and some plants have already started to die off. It’s important that homeowners don’t just let their lawn turn into an unattractive mess during the fall season. There are still some things that can be done to get the yard looking good again.

Follow these six simple landscaping tips to prepare the property for winter!


1. Start By Removing Leaves From the Yard

This is a good place to start if homeowners want an easy and quick way of getting rid of some fallen foliage while also raking up all the dry, dead grass left behind in your lawn. They can use leaf blowers to make this process even easier. Removing leaves from your yard will help improve its overall look and keep it healthy.


2. Take Out Any Plants That Are Starting to Die

It’s important to take out any plants that are starting to die before they spread disease, rot the soil around them, or fall over onto neighboring plants. This will help homeowners avoid removing entire patches of shrubbery in their yard just because one plant has gone bad.


3. Add Mulch Around Trees for Insulation and Water Retention

Adding a layer of mulch around trees and shrubs will help them retain their moisture during the winter months. Mulching also provides insulation, which can be especially helpful for older plants that are more vulnerable to dropping leaves early in the fall season or losing their flowers quickly after the first frost hits.


4. Get Rid of Weeds with a Weedwhacker or Hoe

Weed whackers and hoes are helpful tools for homeowners who want to get rid of weeds without hiring a professional landscaping company. These small, manual devices can be very cost-effective options for those looking to keep their yard clean during the fall season.


5. Cut Back Perennials, Like Roses, That Have Started to Die-Off

Homeowners who have a lot of perennials, like roses or ferns, should cut them back if they’re dead. It’s important to do this before the first frost hits in order to avoid spreading disease through their roots system and killing off other plants that are still alive.


6. Prune Fruit Trees

Pruning fruit trees during the fall is an important step in keeping them healthy throughout the winter. It’s also good to prune these trees after they’ve been hit by their first frost, which will help prevent the disease from spreading through their roots system and killing off other plants that are still alive.

After homeowners are done cleaning up their yard, they can help it stay healthy during the winter months by watering its plants regularly. It’s also helpful to keep an eye on them in case of any pests, like mice or squirrels, try to steal food from underneath them before winter hits. The winter months can be a challenging time for landscaping, but following these tips will help homeowners get their lawn ready before the snow starts piling up!

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